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culturecapital is a collectible card game and tournament-style performance that utilizes public funding figures, company budgets, and knowledge of cultural festivities/trends to critically engage with and celebrate the ways in which artistic value is created within our culture economy.

Like any card game, culturecapital works as a low tech, lights-on social game. But we’ve also developed a dynamic media apparatus for performing matches within a spectacle-style showdown that uses a digital playtable, top-down projection, electronic sound, and live-streaming that together constitute a live performance that borrows from video games, theatre, and e-sports.

culturecapital will be illustrating region-specific flows of capital in different cities in Canada over the next 2+ years and creating a living and gamified archive of our contemporary contexts. Our goal is to create a national version of the game, fulfilled by way of online live-streaming with commentary, festival tournaments, and all-star gatherings. This project is currently being developed in collaboration with Patrick Blenkarn and is in the second of three working phases.

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