The Forgotten Sentry [2014]

Performance Times:
December 16 – 18 – 6:00 & 8:00 Pacific Time


The Forgotten Sentry is the latest virtual performance by ground breaking online performance artist DC Spensley. His previous works, such as ZeroG SkyDancers and Mineopticon have explored abstract movement and hyperformalism in virtual worlds. The Forgotten Sentry takes these experiments in a more narrative direction, using the creative tools afforded by Second Life to create a truly innovative storytelling environment.

The Forgotten Sentry is set at a military outpost in a mountain pass outside a quarantined city. Isolated at his post for months, a soldier faces the challenges of isolation while protecting the city from infection. As the quarantine drags with no instructions from headquarters, and rations are running low, the strain of his precarious position comes to the fore. His own internal struggles and interactions with people trying to get to the city guide us through this exploration of his unique and challenging situation.

The Forgotten Sentry explores the ways in which the extreme conditions we find ourselves in change us, tackling the complex issues of authority in times of crisis and the sometimes traumatic impact these times can have on those who serve. At the same time, it pays homage to humanity’s startling adaptability in the face of the unthinkable.

By Ben Unterman w/ DC Spensley
Performed on Second Life by Milton Lim, Wytchwhisper, and Buffy Beale